2021 California State Square Dance Convention

Together We Are Family, A Square Dance Family Reunion

San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville, CA

April 16 - 18, 2021

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Hello everyone,

With regret we are letting you know that the 2021 California State Square Dance Convention has been cancelled

With the pandemic surging and expected to surge even higher the County of San Bernardino is at the purple level regarding restrictions on social events.  Purple is the most restrictive with Red,  Orange and Yellow levels following.  Even at the lowest level of Yellow, we would only be allowed to have 50% of capacity and be required to wear masks and social distance with 6 feet between the dancers.  That could work for round dancing and line dancing however it does not work for Square dancing.  Insurance for the weekend is another issue.  I have tried several different companies whom have all said they would not give us a Certificate of Insurance. We would have been obligated to pay almost $17,000 for the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds  if we did not cancel the event at least 120 days before the event.

I want to thank all of the callers, cuers and vendors who have been so understanding.  I  have spoken to each of them personally. 

At this point there will be no rollovers to Yuba City.  Everyone will have two options regarding their registrations.

1. Donate your registration to the convention to help cover the expenses we have already incurred such as the ribbons, fliers and postage.

2. Receive a full refund of the amount you paid.

Please keep your eyes open for April 2022 when the convention will be in Yuba City.  For those of you who attended in 2018, you already know that the Sutter-Yuba City Fairgrounds is just about the best facility we have used for the Ca State.  Visit their website at www.castate2022.org

Thank you,

Marvin Fishman 

General Chairman,  2021 CA State Convention